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La Selva de Shenkari - Inchatomashi irashi sheripiari Shenkari

Shenkari Chobiavante was an important and prolific performer of Asháninka and Nomatsiguenga music styles. During his lifetime (approximately between 1904 and 1990) he was famous as a sheripiari, healer or shaman, throughout the Matereni Basin region, along the Ene River and in Pangoa. He healed children, youth and adults relying on the power of kamarampi or ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) in healing sessions that he guided with his songs.

Ayompari Songs – Pampoyeaantsi ayompari

The Ashéninka live in the Peruvian rainforest region known as the Gran Pajonal (Great Grasslands). In the 1980s they were renowned for their trade partnerships. Men called ayompari exchanged goods produced by the Ashéninka like the cotton tunics—termed kitharentsi—for munition, machetes, shotguns and record players of industrial manufacture. The trade system crucially interrelated original peoples inhabiting the vast region between and along the Perené, Tambo and Ucayali rivers. Since the ayompari depended on mutually trusting each other’s promise of procuring certain goods they would often develop an affectionate relationship and dedicate songs to one other. These songs were recorded by Manfred Schäfer in 1985 (see his publication Ayompari, amigos y el latigo edited in 2023).